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Why I love editing other novelists

I love writing novels, but I also love editing other writers' novels. I've done this work for agents, for UCLA Writers' program where I teach advanced novel writing, and for private clients, and I love the work with a passion.  Part of it is because seeing what does and doesn't work in someone else's manuscript really helps me figure out what isn't working in my own! I love reading a manuscript and figuring out why a character arc isn't quite working, why the pacing is lagging, and what needs to be done to make an ending truly satisfying.  And I admit I love it when a book that wasn't selling, with a rewrite, does sell, and goes on to win prizes (yup, it happened and I was more thrilled than the author.  Oh, all right, not more thrilled, but excited none the less.) I love it when a book I worked on gets an agent, or into press.  It feels like I helped deliver the baby, even though I know all I do is help the writer find what is already there. 

 I'm ridiculously fast, I'm reasonable, I'm funny, warm and friendly.  So if anyone wants or needs a devoted novel editor to look over over your manuscript and help you get it into shape, contact me, me, me. 

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I can't decide if this a

I can't decide if this a novel approach or a novel idea.

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