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How do I love starting a new novel? Let me count the ways...

I love starting a new novel. There is something so filled with hope, and purpose.  You've got the idea, it excites you. You want to know this amazing set of characters on a deeper level, and you haven't yet reached the terrors of the middle of the novel, when everything seems to be sinking in the muck. (It's at that point where I wail to Jeff, my husband, that my so-called- career is over, and then he always grins and says, "Oh, you must be in the middle, right?)

 But now!  It's so fresh and new and the first chapter was written as if it were being channeled somehow. I don't feel the need to stop and alphabetize my books or see whether or not the mail came for the tenth time in half an hour. Best of all, it's the writing stage, not the pr stage.  I don't have panic attacks about whether three people will show up at a reading instead of a hundred, I don't pray to the review and reader Gods quite just yet. I'm solely in writer mode and it is just about perfect.

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The new novel

I couldn't agree more. The intellectual delight of beginning a new novel is such a refreshing and exuberant experence - particularly when moving away from the rather numbing ordeal of marketing, advertising and promoting the novel that's finished.