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After 6 tries, I get into Modern Love!

The New York Times' Modern Love is the Holy Grail for writers. I tried six times to get in and every time was politely rebuffed. My pieces took place too far in the past. The tone wasn't right. The subject matter wasn't quirky enough. I just gave up, assuming they hated me, but then a month ago, I was talking to a writer friend about the tortoise I had had and loved for 20 years, and she said, "That's a Modern Love." I didn't think so, but I wrote it, as a tribute to the tortoise that had meant so much to me. And today, it's published in the NYT!


I hope you will read it.


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Tortoise Love

What a delightful piece!  Thanks for sharing it!

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Thank you!

Thank you the comments!


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That is a lovely piece. I always turn to Modern Love  first so very nice to see  that someone on Red Room is on the page.

 I love the picnic in the park with the turtle, and have to admit that I don't think I could have made it through the spaghetti and worm dinner.






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That was beautiful ~

Touching and sincere, a love story for Minnie, you and your husband, and a wonderful, wonderful tale.  

Thanks for sharing with the world - and congrats!  


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I loved your story. It was quirky, whimsical, delightful, and sweet. It is the kind of love story I relish. Many kudos to you!