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Musings of a new writer

It lived a long time inside of me.  I knew it well and just needed to get it from the inside to the outside.  But I had never before written a novel.  I guess I just never took the time or found the motivation.  Finally came that blessed day known as retirement.  I looked over my long list of retirement goals and knew that it was time to get started on the novel.  Starting was easy.  My characters were long-time friends with names and faces that were familiar.  Then I discovered that getting them from my imagination into my computer proved to be more of a chore than I had realized.  Finally...a breakthrough.  I found the Red Room, and suddenly my time became a pre-determined schedule.  All I had to do was show up week after week, which I did.  In time, my entire novel was out of my head and into my computer.  My first novel was a written reality, and Red Room is guiding me toward the next step of submitting for publishing.  No matter what happens next, the thrill was in bringing to life my characters, my plot, my long-awaited story.