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New novel just released.  A deep and endearing story that provokes laughter and tears, READING TO JANE combines the reality of aging, the brashness of youth, the stigma of societal outcasts, and the turmoil of loss in an intricately woven three-part adventure.  Part I  Win Barrett and grandson Edward embark on a cross-country camping trip from NJ to WA that includes the old man's daily readings to an urn of ashes and encounters with an ex-con, an obese couple, and a hobo.  Part II  Mary Corrigan, good Catholic wife and mother, is thrown into the depths of despair after the death of her daughter.  In an attempt to deal with the anger of loss and her disturbing childhood memories, Mary heads from her CT home to WA to face her most terrifing demon.    Part III  On a beach in the Pacific Northwest, Mary accidently encounters old, ailing Win Barrett, as well as the outcasts from Win and Edward's trip.   And the odd little group inadvertently takes care of Mary's most frightening demon.   

READING TO JANE available in eBook format on Amazon.  More details and direct Amazon link www.carolemarshallstudio.com.    

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Through all the years of writing and of everything I've written, READING TO JANE is closest to my heart.  If my new novel touches just one person, I'll be happy.  If it grabs the world by the tail, I'll be over the moon.