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Greg Mortenson (charged)

Jon Krakauer (accuser)

Attorney General Steve Bullock (referee)

It’s obviously a case of author-envy, a quest for publicity, and a desire to become Governor of Montana.  The parties involved are snarling over "Three Cups of Tea" and the charity, Central Asian Institute based in Bozeman, Montana.

"Three Cups of Tea" has sold 3 million copes since 2006.  (That certainly sparks envy and respect in me.)

Krakauer said the book generated $50 million in donations to the charity.   (Now I am in awe!)

The charity claims to have established 170 schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan and helped 68,000 children to learn.  Educating girls is a major goal.   (OK, I’m delighted.)

In "Three Cups of Deceit" Krakauer says Mortenson lied about details in his book.  (Now there’s a crime.  The book was non-fiction, maybe even a memoir!)

Krakauer charges that the charity is Mortenson’s personal ATM.  The charity reported to the IRS that 41% of donations reach the schools and about 10% is spent on promotions.  Oh by the way, the charity is being audited thanks to Krakauer’s accusations.

So, what about Bullock and the Montana Attorney Generals Office?   Well he’s young, he’s handsome, and man is he ambitious.