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Carol gives an overview of the book:

A chapbook of 18 heartfelt poems about the undoing of a marriage.
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A chapbook of 18 heartfelt poems about the undoing of a marriage.

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He leaves at noon

on Mother's

Day.   I watch

the pick-up pull

away      the tarnished

brass bed     our con

nubial altar

now in pieces

exposed     for all to see

jostling in the flat

of the truck     as it


down the street.

Roaming the house      nails

bitten beyond the quick


my daughter     more

than she needs

I search

          for remnants

of the comforter

we called

      our marriage.

I gaze out

our bedroom window

daffodils blurring

in the spring breeze

   and realize

he must have

         taken that

with him


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This was a labor of love for my editor and me.  It took us three years to complete the project, with the death of his dad and Sept. 11 coming upon us during the course of the work.  Greg Joly, the publisher and editor, is a homesteader in Jamaica, VT and does not own a computer, so all our correspondence was done though snail mail.  He is a master craftsman, who used letterpress printing to create the chapbook, which is a work of art in and of itself.  

About Carol

Carol Weis, a former actor, teacher, school librarian, professional cook and pastry chef, is also an essayist, a poet, and a children's book author, and has been a single Mom for 16 years. Her writing has appeared online at Salon and Literary Mama, in...

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