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Knitting through a murder.
How do you pick a favorite detective? There are way too many. It's like picking a mystery genre, I like them all for different reasons. Just like I'm fond of various types of fruit. I can't pick just one. Oranges are juicy and smell like summer while bananas are comforting and apples bring images...
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Even in grade school I liked short stories. The one that stuck with me was a very short one I read in a comic book. It involved a child coming home after school, reaching her house, finding it dark when she opened the door, calling out and receiving no answer, reaching in to turn on the lights....
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I have more than one obsession. Money-or the lack of. Age-mine, leading to the feeling of time running out The need to have more writing time. All this leads to the obsession with word count. I have two published mysteries and two novellas, paranormal mysteries. I'm working on an urban fantasy--...
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