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Aging Well is About Attitude

Aging. Many things are not so great, but there are good parts I've come to realize are true. One is that one is much more comfortable in one's skin. You care so very much less about what others think of you. People spend way too much of their time trying to "fit in" with the right clothes, the right answers, the right whatever. Now it's more of a take-it-or-leave-it feeling. I truly care very little about others' opinions or my answers, and so there is less pressure. This feeling relieves stress. We've all seen some "little old folks" who perhaps carry this concept a little far with their red hats or plaid shorts (or worse). but I now understand the concept. Within certain guidelines it's much more relaxing to age. It's a been-there-and-done-that kind of life. You don't need to be particularly rude or outlandish. You just learns as you are comfortable with yourself others around you feel that comfort coming from you and are more comfortable to be around you. It's almost an aura. Suddenly, after all the years of trying to"fit in", you do. With very little effort, just an attitude. Who knew?

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If the shoe fits

Or the Orthotics. Thank you - wonderful post.
I particularly like "afer all the years of trying to fit in, you do."

How true. It's good.