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Nov.10.2013 - 4:12 pm
Sydeny ferry
This was one of those once-in-a-lifetime coincidences I want to share. My husband and I were on a ferry in the lovely harbor of Sydney, Australia. It was a gorgeous day and I...
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Oct.24.2013 - 9:42 am
This cemetery visit was not like most cemetery visits. It was a comedy of errors almost from the beginning. My mother died in 2002. My family all took 1/2 her ashes to Hampton...
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Apr.15.2011 - 8:37 am
At the the age of about 10, I was riding somewhere with my father in his pickup. He always had a pickup, even in the early 50s, as he was in construction. He was a superintendent...
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Jun.10.2010 - 4:05 pm
Aging. Many things are not so great, but there are good parts I've come to realize are true. One is that one is much more comfortable in one's skin. You care so very much less...
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Comments from Carol

Apr.16.2011 - 11:49 am
In response to: Great Parent
Thank you, Abe. I'm sure you will.