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Aug 2012

My route through life to this point has been circuitous with a detour or two. No regrets about any of it! My "professional" roles have ranged from architect to missionary, from computer graphics to investment business owner. Oh yeah, and photographer was in there somewhere. I have loved the variety, the successes and failures.
Life is an adventure, and I love an adventure even if it can get a bit messy, like an off-road excursion. Or, an adventure can produce conflicting reactions, for example, when scaling the heights of a mountain and you are awe-struck and unnerved at the same time. This is all metaphorically speaking since I do neither four wheeling nor climbing! Adventures through trying new things, travel, reading, relationships and creativity stretch me and usually open up my world. Sometimes that creativity takes the form of writing.

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Travel adventure, photography, writing, wine tasting