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  There are a variety of books, Web sites, and blogs that provide much material and advice for those who are aspiring to be published writers. I have added to the information in a number of ways, including with the publication of The Author's Guide to Planning Book Events, and while there is more...
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  I've had great success with my novel, Without Grace, which has gone on to win several awards. My follow up book, The Author's Guide to Planning Book Events, also managed to acquire a couple. However, it is my yet-to-be published novel, Of Little Faith that I'd like to see find an audience. I...
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  A Book By Any Other Cover When my publisher sent me several book cover options for my about to release novel, Without Grace, I immediately knew which one I wanted. I felt among the covers sent to me there was one that mirrored the novel better than any of the others, but I still wanted another...
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  Last night, actually early evening, I had another date with the ocean--the Atlantic Ocean. We've been having a summer rendezvous. For the last couple of weeks, if the weather permits, around five o'clock, I look forward to jumping in my car and taking the ten-minute drive to Jones Beach. The love...
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  I believe my first introduction to a shock jock was when I heard Howard Stern on the radio years ago. I didn't listen for very long simply because I thought he was nothing more than an attention-seeking windbag. Apparently, there are many people in our society who love attention-seeking windbags...
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Book Jacket for The Last Days of Lacuna Cabal by Sean Dixon
  How I enjoy novels that I could never have possibly written myself. So is the case for The Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal by Sean Dixon. Quirky and unique, the story toys with the bizarre. It is inventive and one must pay close attention when reading; I cannot say that about all novels I read. For...
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  A couple of days ago I posted a blog that I'd written a few years ago, which had been originally published in Absolute Write. It was a tongue-in-cheek look at one of the reasons why I wanted to be a successful writer, which was to be a part of the Rock Bottom Remainders. I recall the article that...
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Hosting an event with Frank McCourt
  In some of the articles about the passing of Frank McCourt there is a mention of his participation in the Rock Bottom Remainders. I'd written a piece for Absolute Write a few years back expressing my desire, as facetious as it was, to be a part of this band and decided to share it once again here...
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  For the last several weeks I have been making good headway writing my memoir and always look forward to getting back to it after I've taken a break. When I first began writing it, it was more a diary about my trying to buy back the house my ex and I sold in 2002 due to our divorce agreement with...
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  Just yesterday I had a hankering (Don't you just love that word, hankering?) for the kind of lunch my mother sometimes made for my siblings and me when we were children. So, instead of the usual apple and cheese slices or tuna on lettuce fare that I normally prepare for myself, I decided to cater...
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  There are two stories today in the New York Times that remind me of my youth. The first is one that I share with the rest of our country. I recall that day in July forty years ago when "we" sent man to walk on the moon. My mom had the television on so that my siblings and I, as well as...
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  Something has been different for me this summertime because the livin' is easy and the livin' hasn't been "summertime" easy for me in quite some time. Don't get me wrong, my writing and publishing consulting keeps me very busy and I'd say busier than I'd ever been, for which I'm...
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  I've been thinking lately how fortunate a time it is to be a writer. I know, I know, I've been privy to all the despairing news when it comes to the publishing industry, but I equate this news to be growing pains for a business that needs to shake off its old modus operandi and catch up with the...
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  Quite some time ago, I printed out rules for a fiction contest sponsored by Esquire. I thought perhaps I'd give it a go, especially since the first prize is publication in Esquire and $2,500. Sweet. In addition to the story having to be original, it must be based on one of three titles that...
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  It's been quite some time since I've read a novel that has kept me so captivated that I talk to anyone willing to listen to me about the book's premise. And what a premise! The Unit, a novel by Ninni Holmqvist and translated by Marlaine Delargy, takes place in the very near future and is written...
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