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My Work Involves Wearing Many Hats


Actually, defining what I do as "work" is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, it pays the bills, but since I am one of the few who actually get to do what I love, I don't consider it work. However, whenever I tell someone what it is that I do, I always say that I'm a fulltime freelance writer first and then publishing consultant. As it happens, though, the latter is what actually pays the bills. Sometimes I dream about being able to say that I am a fulltime writer alone, but then I would miss working with and helping so many other authors reach their publishing goals. So, in fact, as Carol Hoenig Publishing Consultant, Inc., I wear many hats-both figuratively and literally. (Oh, how I enjoy my collection of hats!)


I've been in the trade one way or another now for sixteen years, but it will be five years in October that I started my own business, which is stunning to me that I managed to stay afloat during these challenging times in this industry.  So what do I actually do in the consultant capacity?  Well, it runs the gamut of explaining to hopeful writers how the industry works, which can be tricky now days. I also offer advice on how to query an agent or editor and how to follow submission guidelines while seeking the agent that would make most sense for a manuscript. In addition, I work with many authors by doing developmental editing or helping them put a book proposal together. I also do ghostwriting if the subject has a story to tell, but not the wherewithal to tell it. For published authors, I do publicity and marketing, as well. So, every day for me is a new day with new clients, challenges and the need to adapt to and keep abreast of the changes in this business. How thrilling it is to help so many writers navigate this industry in order to reach their goals.

Meanwhile, as one who continues in her own publishing objectives, at the end of the day, after having helped any number of authors, I don't shut down my computer. Instead, I close out all the press releases, cover letters and works-in-progress with other people's bylines, and switch hats by bringing up my own material and write until I'm bleary-eyed, grateful that even though I'm not a best-selling author, I am doing what I love while helping others on this very difficult albeit rewarding path.

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Switching hats

Indeed, when you were your writer's hat, you show great results: Your novel, WITHOUT GRACE, is wonderful!
Well-written and well-told....

Good luck,


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Thank you!

Talia, I always appreciate your kind words and support. I trust your writing career is doing well.