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A Grateful Author
After the death of her grandmother, Vicky Finley is left to create a place for herself in a houseful of men.
Without Grace

I am so grateful that I get to do what I love. Seriously, as a fulltime freelance writer and publishing consultant, even in these tumultuous times where the industry has suffered many job losses, I am surviving. In addition, I’m pleased that my novel, my print-on-demand albeit multi-award winning novel published over three years ago, still has legs! It’s not without determination, though, since I not only believe in the story of Without Grace, but I am heartened by the responses I’ve gotten and continue to get.

            There’s been much discussion about the new publishing paradigm as opposed to the traditional way of doing things. Without a doubt, if an author can get a book traditionally published, I strongly encourage it; however, it’s nice to know that there are alternatives when the gatekeepers won’t allow admittance for one reason or another. For me, after then-CEO of iUniverse, Susan Driscoll, heard about my novel through some friends, she asked to have one of their editors read it. The editor loved it and iUniverse generously published it gratis.        

              Once Without Grace was published, I managed to do many events along the eastern seaboard, from bookstores to book clubs, from festivals to street fairs, and I’ve even gotten some press along the way. As I stated, the book was published over three years ago and unlike most traditionally published books that have a limited shelf life, Without Grace is still managing to stay afloat. Doing events helps, which brings me to this coming Sunday where I’ll be joined by fellow authors, Brenda Janowitz, Ellen Meister and Saralee Rosenberg, all traditionally published, this Sunday at Hofstra University. Debbi Honorof , book columnist for Long Island Woman, will lead a discussion on how we use fiction to explore the myths and realities of women's lives. Please join us if you can. I would be most happy to meet you!  Click on the link for more details: