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Wake Up! You Have A Soul!
Rev. Carol

I have this obsession to remind people that they actually do have a Soul. Though, I would prefer to call it my "Life's Purpose". I am retired after a 30-year career in Quality Management and this obsession is keeping me much more full-filled and out-there than any other time in my life.

The book, "My Journey with Cala" was written with that intention. My goal is to awake many more people to this powerful and amazing Truth. I know, I know - not everyone believes in this aspect of Spirituality. Some believe only what science is able to prove to them or that we are just our physical bodies. I honor their right to maintain their beliefs no matter what evidence is within them or is presented to them.

My book, mentioned above, has been read by a few hundred people, and it is not looking like it will get on any popular lists of "Must Reads" any time soon. Therefore, I am broadening my ways of reaching people. At the young age of 64 I am beginning a singing/performance career. I launched this on Friday July 31st with an audience of about

65 who had been invited to help me celebrate my "Big 40, 50, 60" parties. There never seemed to be quite a good enough reason to celebrate in those years. I threw in my 18 years in recovery as an added reason to celebrate.

I opened with the Eagle’s - “Hotel California” (with an added positive ending); Then a spoken word version of Natasha Beddinfeld’s - “Unwritten”. A fellow minister and I did a duet of “Crusin’ Together” - though we changed the words to - “Prayin’ Together”. I then sang my original “Lover of My Soul” (very hauntingly/emotional sound); Ending with “my churches chorus and I doing a rendition of James Brown’s “I Feel Good”. We all had a fantastic time!

Along with this new “career”, I am continuing to write poetry, attend monthly poetry clubs, do public speaking at various churches and organizations, do volunteer work with "Lavender Seniors" (an LGBT organization), officiate at Memorials, Weddings, facilitate a "12-Stepping Into New Thought" group on 1st Fridays and 2nd Thursdays of each month, and serve as

Board Chair of Alameda Spiritual Living Center. Of course there is time for family and friends too!

In everything I do, the message is this: Listen to your own Soul! Be who you really are! – Who you are today, not who someone convinced you to be. Life can be great at any age.Rev. Carol – August 5, 2009