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My Shirt is From the Goodwill

My Shirt is From the Goodwill 

From the Goodwill store, I wear this big yellow stain

I am walking to school in this shirt yet again                                     

I'd like to have a shirt that is white not blue                                    

Like the other kids have walking to school. 

I use to be six ran poor into ten

Six Cock Roaches now here we go again. 

Mother waits tables at Cockroach Hill

Father brings home shirts from the old Goodwill

The money is low while the rent is very high

Always they are saying, "We can barely get by!" 

Love is aplenty we eat good food

It’s someone else’s mustard; I am wearing to school 

My shirt is from the Goodwill And we are very poor… 

But, love is in abundance I could not ask for more.