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Oct 2008

I'm a writer, scientist, artist, mother.


Musical and Poetic Influences:
Nick Drake, Coldplay, and most of all Thom Yorke and Radiohead.
Writing Influences:
A lot of the new and creative writers popping up in young adult/tween fantasy. Also a lot of the new upcoming manga artists like Rumiko Takahashi and Tite Kubo.

Upcoming Works

SHORT TERM: "Tiem In A Bottle", a sci-fi manga full of time travel, robot wars, and tween romance.

IN THE LONG TERM: A teen sci-fi/fantasy novel (the title is a secret) full of mutant creatures, artificial (but brilliant and soulful) intelligence, time travel & tween romance (of course). The moral of the story is: "The power of the mind is ______!!!" (fill in the blank after you've read it).

Interests & Hobbies

Writing, Physics, Energy Medicine and its scientific basis, Consciousness research, Songwriting, Nature.