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A middle-aged, Virgin Island woman relies on wit and Bod Mail™ to deal with multiple sclerosis, “Duct Tape Days”, walking like Frankenstein, and aging.

Even if wind is whistling moreso or throughout your bank accounts, realize that you have much to be thankful for—especially if you have loved ones, good health, supportive friends, kind neighbors, loyal pets, a safe and comfortable home, a peaceful nation, sufficient clothes, fresh air, clean water, a spiritual adviser, healthy food...  

Most importantly, you have life.

I am grateful for all there is and all that will be.

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Thank you for the reminder!

Thank you for the reminder!  Just yesterday I was nervous, fretting about big bills to settle and worried about the future (having lost my full time job).  I remind myself every morning to be thankful and grateful.  Keep looking up, moving forward and release the worry :-)

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Hi, Rina:

Remembering to be grateful for any and all things does help. When doubt and fear really cloud my optimism, I sometimes resort to repeating:

-The clouds won't last forever; the sun is just hiding.

-Group scream at 4 p.m.; purging cry at 5 p.m.; funny movie at 6 p.m.