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Hawk Messenger
Essays and verse recount attempts to keep a wacky sense of humor intact while dealing with multiple sclerosis for almost 20 years. Like MS, the format is unpredictable.
Hawk Msgr

Hawk messenger

 what say you

 in silence?


Surely a reason exists

 why you appear 


 To foretell

 of what?

 of when? 


I wait,

 and watch

 and wonder 



 and after

 you’re gone. 


 I consider hawks to be nature’s messengers heralding some imminent, major change in life. Exactly what will happen remains hidden, for now. I anticipate only good, nothing to be feared or dreaded. The Universe deems some shift is necessary for my growth. Even if the who, what, why, when, where and how involved are unknown, I trust that the change will be positive.