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Contagious Creativity
A middle-aged, Virgin Island woman relies on wit and Bod Mail™ to deal with multiple sclerosis, “Duct Tape Days”, walking like Frankenstein, and aging.


           Whenever I’m around my friend Maureen, I feel courageous and daring. She exudes head-to-toe creative spunk in the funky ensembles she assembles. Tall with a striking, curly red mane and infectious smile, Maureen illuminates a room like a 1,000-watt floodlight.

            Especially memorable is the time she and I attended a women in business networking meeting and she wore turquoise fishnet stockings that just peeked out from the hemline of tapered slacks and seductive sandals. Her hosiery choice was much more than an emboldened accessory. It was a memorable headliner. The eclectic outfit instantly communicated to other attendees her artiste personality and profession. What an ingenious substitute for a boring business card or canned elevator spiel! Everything about her ensemble said “I’m an artist”.

            Then again, her wardrobe choices typically mirror her fearlessness. I’m pretty sure her closet is devoid of any staid, tailored garment deemed requisite female corporate attire.

            Best of all, Maureen inspires me to enter her contagious, creative sphere of “I Don’t Care”.

            I am grateful to have such a self-assured, authentic, and imaginative muse.