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Apr 2009

I was born in Madrid, Spain, on Valentine’s Day, but over the years I’ve lived in more than 30 countries. I’ve spent most of my life enlightening the lives of others—not as a man of the cloth—but as a light scientist and designer, a fiber optics systems design engineer and now writer. I live in Barcelona and hope to immigrate to the United States to join my family. 

I grew up on the streets with the salt of the earth and over the years worked as an altar boy, musician, waiter, lightening rod installer, site engineer, salesman, dishwasher, night porter, consultant, and sundry other high-level executive jobs. At present I’m Chief Technical Officer at a Norwegian group of companies. 

My hearing is impaired from being near a bomb at too close quarters. I’ve spent a stretch in an African jail, crossed the Israeli-Egyptian border inside the trunk of an Israeli car, drove a taxi in Rio de Janeiro and clocked 200,000 miles in a single year on one of my frequent flier cards. 

Perfect Circle, my first novel was published last year by Random House; The Prisoner, will follow in October, 2009.  I’m currently working on Light Bondage, another near-future thriller.


Paul Theroux; John LeCarre; Thomas Harris.

Upcoming Works

The Prisoner; October 2009
Mahdi; 2010
Light Bondage; 2010
The Damn Book; Fall 2010


Kristin Lindstrom

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