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Carl J Tengstrom's Writings

A malicious code can be a program. It can also be a part of a program. Further, a malicious code can attach itself to a good program. In that way the malicious effect occurs first when the good program runs.  The last time you installed a large software, let us say a photo program, you just executed one command, for instance, INSTALL or SETUP. After that the...
Short Story
"Hello, Doctor Niven!" A voice reached her ear as she walked across a place called Karlaplan. The voice was too familiar. It belonged to Robert Random, a very talkative man. She did not wish to speak to him at that moment. However, this man wouldn't give up easily and she decided to sit down for a minute on a bench along the side of Karlaplan. Robert placed...
March, 18 2008
 I Know It's Monday Today the lot went wrong, I tried my best to get along. My alarm dock was mistaken, gave no help for me to waken. I got sh ivers in the shower, all completely out ofpower. To the kitchen Iran has ty, longed for coffee strong and tasty. The coffee jar felt so hollow, imagine now what would follow. As I ran in rage to my ear, I had a...
       Many years ago I travelled from London to Helsinki by plane. Two rows in front of me were two young girls, animatedly talking about how they would manage to get the liquor they had bought through the custom's watching eyes.        As their discussion reached decibels above the normal speaking tone...