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I heart Technology

Understand that it's remarkable I am blogging. Just saying I am blogging makes me giggle and shake my head. I feel like I'm trying to be something I am so clearly not. Like when I was in Italy for a few months and would answer my cell phone "pronto!" instead of "hello?" - a ridiculous behavior, because I did not know any actual Italians who would be calling me and expecting the greeting they use. Trying to fit in only made me feel like more of an imposter. And yet here I am, blogging. I blog. I am a blogger.

Also remarkable - that I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Who cares if the only people following me on Twitter are the mass marketers promising to make me a trillion in foreclosure properties? The point is that I am online - no longer standing at the off ramp of the information superhighway, looking like I might cry. Technology and I have never had a very natural relationship. It was always forced, grudgingly and with a lot of disapproval and trepidation on both sides. But we are working on our issues.

You should have seen me the first month I got my IPod, for example. I did not understand any of it. Songs were appearing and disappearing - music I did not even recognize was showing up, and then my laptop blew up. There was also a bit of a problem with my new digital camera - which is presently sitting on top of the microwave, broken and abandoned.

Hooray for Red Room allowing someone like me to blog in their space. This entire website is a fabulous resource for writers, and those of us trying to be writers. I feel a little bit like Admiral Stockdale, wandering aimlessly around a stage and mumbling "Who am I? What am I doing here?" There are writers here far smarter, far funnier, and more entertaining than me. They've also probably been read by more than a dozen people. You should be paying attention to their blogs, not mine - gobbling up their advice and thoughts so that you, too, can pontificate on all things literary. But if you've got some free time, stop by again and check me out. We'll see what happens here....

Speaking of technology, if the IT folks where I work would kindly re-install the free internet radio I was listening to, that would be great. I can't pretend to understand the whole bandwidth thing; I just know I really miss it, and getting the "permission to this website DENIED" message running across my screen is just rude.