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Cara Lorello's Books

This was my first official review for Eve magazine and I chose to write on Hosseini's bestseller after reading and liking The Kite Runner. Wonderful follow up read, I'd recommend it.  
Very sensitive, the subject of feminism to me. Mostly because it's so misunderstood, when in fact it was founded as a means to achieve basic citizenship rights, though the name hardly did it justice.
Short review of university alumna's first memoir about growing up in the 1960s and 70s the child of divorced parents.
This author taught at my college, Eastern Washington University, and this is her latest novel. Her other bestseller is 'Stones in the River.'
Northwest Woman Magazine, Fall 2007 issue
This review was accepted last year by Northwest Woman after I did a phone interview with the author, who I discovered from her online blog The Weighting Game on iVillage.com (Now 'Never Say Diet') We kept in touch, and had the most amazing talk about her book, which sold very well.