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Fire, air, earth, or water - Redroom blog topic of the week

You won’t find hanging dream catchers or truth-telling crystals hanging in or around my home or on my car’s rearview mirror. The many philosophies of astrology and signs of the zodiac, while very interesting, don’t really dictate my life path or influence it to any extreme as it may for some. However, when it comes to pegging down the personality of my official sign and element (AIR LIBRA), the scholars of the great universe are definitely on to something as their theories seem to have my type down to a fine science.

As the cardinal or lead zodiac sign of the air element, which we share with Aquarius and Gemini, Venus-ruled Libras have a strong desire for freedom in our lives, and our inanimate symbol of the weight scale illustrates our need for complete balance, harmony and ideals in all that we do. But because reality often does not always provide us with the ideal circumstances we require in life, we struggle to thrive when conditions are less than perfect. Guess that’s why so many of us are type-A people who are hopelessly curious and over-analytical as a group. Though it’s perfect for careers in fields like communications (explains too why I’m a writer and made a living doing journalism), our idealistic, objective nature comes off as aloof, cold, and detached to others.

We do, however love having companionship, but again have strict ideals we’d like our mates to possess, and this is another interesting characteristic about air zodiac signs in that we tend to choose partners who embody opposite qualities to our own that we are lacking in, another way we seek out balance in the world. These opposite signs serve as a source of inspiration and purpose to us because of that. Guess that’s why I ended up with a fiery Capricorn who is the yang to my yin.

In conclusion, I may be a bit of an agnostic when it comes to the wisdom of the stars, I do feel pretty thankful to have some sort of idea of the origin of my often baffling, neurotic tendencies as a passionate female Libra. That, plus I also attribute some of it to a large volume of Italian blood in my veins.

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Hi Cara, It’s interesting

Hi Cara, It’s interesting for me to hear how someone else describes the aspects of their personality that they relate to from their astrological sun sign. Even though I’ve read it in books, I’m glad to hear you mention the sometimes, “aloof, cold and detached” nature of Libras. I haven’t been around many, but one that I am close with has this energy and it can be very difficult for me sometimes as a water sign. I have to keep reminding myself how much relationships are important to her and that she really does have a soft spot, it’s just that she sometimes seems detached from the “feeling” aspect. But she’s great—A fine balance indeed.

This was fun to read.

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You know, I didn't take any of the characteristics of my sign seriously until I noticed how much I had them as an adult. When I was younger, it was too deep and out there for me to comprehend, but there's grains of truth I think to some astrology theories, this being one.

It's good too that you recognize as much in your friend. Though it may be tough for her to show appreciation of that, because Libras want to appear together and perfect to the world, I'm certain she does if she's anything like me. The same goes for her recognizing it may take some work for you to read her at times. It goes both ways, for sure.