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I really enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. After listening to you speak and actually meeting you in Tulsa, OK at the African American Literacy Expo I felt you had a book worth reading. I am so glad I decided to purchase your book it was well worth the money spent and the 7 hours it took to read the entire book. It was so captivating. It is nice to have someone write a book about the game and tell of the down side of what that lifestyle has to offer. You are truly talented and I look foward to other books by you. I liked all the characters in the book all of them were very relatable. I really like the way you portrayed the black women in the book. Having them in college getting there education even though they were afforded whatever they needed by the lifestyle that their men lead spoke volumes, good looking out. The ending was heart wrenching makes one think is living the lavish lifestyle all that when the ones that really count are gone because of your actions.