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A Truly Liberal Christmas Opinion



Before the holidays get under way; well, for my Jewish friends they are already indulging-  but for the other folks who hold December 25th as the ultimate behemoth of family, friends, hot cocoa and colorful gifts as well as the true 'meaning' which is that Kris Kringle did work at Macy's and has a reindeer named Rudolph-  let me jump on my own bandwagon.




First, let me emphasize- I hold no obligation or 'label' from or to any group.  Some of my opinions would shock some of my other opinions.  While I must always answer to my dogs, I can barely answer to myself- much less a 'group'.   But as a 'liberally' minded gal, I take great offense when I am lumped into a demeaning category simply to appease the ignorant.  And with Christmas bearing down on us, I have already begun to receive those emails that are filled with 'hate' at people who are trying to change Christmas, and pointing ot 'liberals' as the cuplrits.   Thus,  I feel a need to exploit my liberally charged self. And, as a writer whose two books clearly point to my belief in God, I doth protest.




Liberal means to be open.  To be giving and generous.  No one I know that is also 'liberal minded' has any desire to stop celebrating Christmas on December 25th ( even though we are fully aware this is a fictitious date, that in no way marks Jesus Christ's true birth) and that the Pagans actually introduced us all to Christmas in this manner.  I love Christmas because I was raised in home, in the United States, in which Christmas was sacrosanct. Even though we were not a church going family, mom instilled in us the importance of this day and Jesus Christ and the blessings we had to be kind and giving.  




Christmas began with me, first up at 5:00 a.m., persistantly annoying my mother who was begging for ten more minutes of sleep.  Hiding around the corner from the tree ( as mom told us to not peek, until she had made a pot of coffee and turned on the Christmas tree lights so we could see what Santa had brought.)   Those ten minutes felt like hours.   Then, as we 'quietly and calmly entered the living room our excitement was to be happy and smiling, but with respect and appreciation.  The rest of the day was filled with more family and friends and sharing of toys.




As we got older, mom still liked to do her Santa thing and as the nieces and nephews and mom's grandkids came about, we all carried on the tradition, but always with respect to and appreciation of the symbolism of Christmas.  That everyone is equal; that everyone has a right to believe whatever they want and as long as we are 'good people' and 'kind to others' then Santa, aka God will be kind to you.




Now, my younger sister, who has become 'deeply religious- a born again Christian zealot' has instilled the fear of Santa as being 'aka Satan- into her children so she does not celebrate Christmas as we did growing up.  But, that is her choice.   Still, for people like her, for people who like to use 'Christianity' as a vessel for hate-  I am annoyed.  Anything deeper than annoyance would mean I really care and I don't.  But annoying is worth a shout from my inner voice…   I am not trying to change Christmas.




I like Christmas just the way it is.  Happily nestled in between Thanksgiving and New Year.    I say, leave it alone and choose one of the other 364 days to have a party if you don't like Christmas.




Thank you.