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          Behind The Scene                                              ...
Drowning in my minds chaos there are no words there are no tears losing all feeling losing myself....
They laughed and loved  all through the night, never before believeing  in love at first sight. She looks at him  with big dark eyes, its so hard for them to say good-bye. They regret more than they'll admitt, but through it all they're still a perfect fit. Consumed by eachother, there will never be any other. both so deep in love, the only thing...
Walking along through the crowds, there's music playing dysfunctional but loud. Children are running and playing all around, the little ones love the merry go round. Beauty Queens and Little Miss Fairest of the Fair, bumper cars and sweet cotton candy air. Adoring desire lingering in his stare people wandering around us everywhere. but in my heart,to...
Caught up in feelings, flying high... Dreams dancining around me, then we must say good-bye. I close my eyes,  your face is the only face I see. The way things are, aren't the way they'll always be... Our future is bright, out in the sun The depths of dispare, are now done. What lies ahead, is now so clear... With you by my side, I have no fear!    
Going through the motions empty and alone An aching sence down deep in my bones I paint up my face and dress the part. Fake smiles and gestures  but only you in my heart. Paitiently waiting the break of dawn When this show ends My life will truly begin    
Rain is pouring down, on the streets of a small country town. There's a sweet gentleness in his touch, together walking along, she loves him so much. Ladies in hats bright red, clouds looming overhead. bells on the shop door clanging, the musty smell of old clothes hanging. Two heartbeats racing together, this storm they will weather. her whole body shaking a...
Ttiming is everything   slow and steady,was the intent to ensure our hearts were ready. an instant connection with deep growing affection. our days were filled with love and laughter the fairy tail happy ever after. our nights were full of pleasure and passion sure never to go out of fashion. but, circumstance beyound control, left us with no where to...
Deep and True everything we shared. to me always you will be..... the light i saw in a dark place. the awakening ,so desperatly needed. the sun in the early morn. the laughter in the trees.   to me you will always are.... the friend i want to call, the safe place. the memorys that i feel. and the face i see when i close my eyes. to me.. never ...
missing the long talks. walking through the woods hand in hand, side by side mind, heart and soul. so many plans were made hopes and dreams were shared from my heart it will never fade hope still remains........