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Thinking it would be easier for him than for me, I asked my very obliging publisher to put my book up on Kindle, and though he always insisted he’d done it, it was never there when I looked.  Since this was at a time when Amazon.com was being difficult about self-published books not printed by...
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It was in the late 60s that I first went to Italy and by the end of that two week trip I absolutely hated the place.  It was the men, of course.  I was with two girlfriends, all of us in our twenties, all of us in various stages of recovery from relationships gone wrong.  We flew to...
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Writing for free was always my favorite thing to do.  If my mother is to be believed, I started when I was three, tapping out stories on my father's old Underwood.  (Unsurprisingly, no copies survive.) At age eight, I began a novel that I never finished.  There followed poems, short stories, plays...
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Any thought of heroes, at the moment, immediately conjures up all the usual suspects: "our brave men and women in the armed forces," policemen, firemen, aid workers. And if it's become a bit of a cliché to say so, it's still impossible not (in general) to admire them and to despair of...
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In an article in the August 3rd New Yorker, Nicholson Baker was generally critical of the Kindle, citing among its many deficiencies, its keyboard; the sickly green/gray color of its screen; its sole font (which happens to be one he doesn't much like); the count by "location" rather than...
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I had a birthday on Monday. Usually, I'm ecstatic on my birthday. It's such a great reason to celebrate my life, myself. This year, however, was different. Instead of joy, I awoke with a knot in my stomach. I'm worried about the economy, the election, the country, the world.  I can't seem to shake...
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Today "The River, By Moonlight" got its third review of this current virtual book tour.  It was a good one, which made me happy; but, chastened by the responses to my last blog on the subject, I hesitated to thank the site host, and instead emailed Mary Lewis, who is running the tour  (...
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Now I write novels.  Before that, I produced and wrote television drama, which means that I've spent a considerable part of my adult life making stuff up. It's been my job.  I like to think I'm good at it, a real professional.  And one of the things that makes me so good is that I spend hours, days...
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Last February I was on a 'virtual' book tour that included eighteen 'stops', consisting of reviews, interviews, and guest blog posts.  Despite the fact that I never had to leave my home, the tour was surprisingly hard work, time consuming, and a lot of fun. On Monday, I started a second tour, this...
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Today is the first day of a new book tour for my novel, The River By Moonlight. And it's started off well. I've got another good review posted at: http://thebluestockings.com/ If you have a minute, please stop by and add a comment. And if you've already read the book, your personal two cents would...
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For days now, the web has been buzzing with talk of Amazon's threat to disable the buy buttons of any POD book on Amazon.com not printed by its subsidiary, BookSurge. Consternation and outrage greeted the initial announcements . Blog posts and reader comments were heated. Companies like Publish...
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Tristi Pinkston: Your book is set right at the start of World War I.  What interested you in writing about this period? Me:  It's always been a period that interested me, because of Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms, I suppose, and Ford Maddox Ford's Parade's End Trilogy, and Remarque's All Quiet on...
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