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Cameron Tuttle talks about Paisley Hanover Kisses and Tells

The election results are in—and totally UnExpected. Now the UnPops are picketing, the Pops are preening, and Paisleys sophomore year is a bust—again. But when best frienemy Jens reputation takes a beating by viral text, Paisleys pity party is over. She rolls out a new undercover plan to save Jens rep, and in the process, follows her heart into a crazy complicated love triangle. Then as if things werent confusing enough, Paisleys archrival—super cute, super nice, super popular Candy Esposito—steals Paisleys UnPop popularity! First Paisley gets mad; then she gets smart. Can she use Candys newfound UnPopularity to save Jens reputation—and pull off the biggest coup since Miss UnPleasant turned the Pleasant Hill High social hierarchy on its big fat head? Hello double-crossers, good-bye double standards! Paisley Hanover is back—pucker up!