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Interviewed on Blog Talk Radio

Yesterday I appeared on ASNYCNOW's Blog Talk Radio where I discussed my book, my role as an editor at the Outsider Writers Collective, my future publications, The Velvet, my upcoming AWP reading, and on top of all that self-promotion, I was inundated with compliments from the unbelievably nice Vicki S. Nikolaidis.

Though technical issues had me cutting in and out through much of the discussion, and my voice had a space echo, all in all I had a great time.

Thank you, Vicki!

Click below to listen:

Caleb J Ross on Blog Talk Radio's ASNYCNOW

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Toll Free number

Hi Caleb! We need to do this interview again. We will have a toll free number for you to call in a few days. I have my notes and we can add new catch up info. Want to do it? Vicki

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Of course! I'd love to.

Of course! I'd love to. Anytime!