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The True Friend

Irete and Ose were born by different parents. Irete's parents were as poor as a church's rat , therefore he (Irete) was raised by Ose parents who were stupendously rich. Both of them grew up together and they looked like inseparable twin brothers. When it was time for them to choose a vocation, they were sent to a priest to learn the acts of priesthood. After 7 years they graduated from their priesthood training and they both decided that they would be going to a distant land where their skills would be well appreciated since a prophet has no honour among his own people.

Irete decided on his own to be crafty so he left the town without Ose's knowledge although they have agreed to leave their hometown in 4 days time. On the fourth day, Ose went to inquire from Irete's parents about his friend's whereabout, but he was shocked to hear that his bossom friend had left a day earlier. He decided he was going to leave for that same land the next day.

Irete reached his destination safely only for him to be told that the king of that city was in dire need of a priest. They brought him before the king, and he was asked to consult the oracle for them concerning the king's predicament. He decided to be diabolical, he told the king that the solution to the king's problem was at hand and that the lamb required for the sacrifice was a male priest and that the man would enter the city within the next two days. The king instructed all the town watchmen to be on the lookout for the most wanted stranger.

The following day came and as it would be expected, Ose came into the city and he was apprehended by the city guards. They asked him what his vocation was and he said; "I am a priest." Nobody questioned him any further, and he was brought before the king. When he got to the palace he saw Irete -his friend and he was expecting Irete to intervene and plead on his behalf only for him to realize that he was on his own. The king told him what was to befall him- which is death, and he asked for one last request and that he should be allowed to consult the oracle for them even though he was going to be killled.

He then told the king the root cause of his problems and the required solution for the king's wife that was dying. The palace in-council and the people were all shocked, he then told the king to at least ask Irete-his friend who all the while had pretended as if he did not know him to look him straight in the face. The king obliged him, he then told them the background story of their births and how his own parents had raised Irete up and how they had planned to come to that city, and how his friend had let him down. The king was very furious when he realized that their highly reverred priest and guest had turned out to be a liar. He wanted to kill Irete but Ose would not allow him because of his large heart. He pleaded with the king that he should just send his friend away.

The king was shocked that a man could be so benevolent to the point of pleading for his enemy. He ordered that Ose be given the title of the Chief Priest to the king.

The lesson from this story is simple. It is good that we love our enemies and bless those who persecute us. When we do this our heavens has no choice other than for it to be opened. It is a divine law that cannot be broken once we keep our own side of the bargain by loving our enemies. When we repay evil with evil, we set in motion a chain reaction that only God only knows its end. Let the whole American people begin to love her enemies whereever they are, then her heavens that had just suddenly become as hard as brass would be forced to open again. Then there would be a rain of abundance. Let us realize that the Lord Jesus first loved us before we love Him and through his dying on the cross he was able to save us all and all those that will still come unto Him.

I wish President Barack Obama would read this piece.

God bless America ! Amen !