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Today, I live with my two trustworthy Brittanys, Simon and Seth, and my Siamese cat, Zen. I know firsthand about the healing benefits of dogs. Mine helped me ward off loneliness and depression at a time of great trauma, and have served as my guardian angels and loyal companions. Dogs truly are man'...
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   As a Catholic girl, I have always loved Easter--a time of renewal. When I was a kid, my mom would make a mega ordeal out the holiday. After Sunday mass, she'd bake a honeyed ham, sweet potatoes, a vanilla and lemon filled bunny coconut cake. Not to forget my dad who always gave me and my...
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TASTE TEST POLL WINNERS: APPLES & APRICOTS GETDIPPED IN CHOCOLATEBy Cal Orey   "Chocolate is a perfect food."  -- Baron Justus von Liebig Last night a bit of chilly pre-autumn vibes filled the bedroom air despite the fact it's August at Lake Tahoe--the hottest month of the year. The...
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