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Fred Erisman
Texas Books in Review

Bryce Milligan's With the Wind, Kevin Dolan (is) a stirring yarn of Irish immigrants in Texas just prior to the 1836 Revolution. British persecution is making life in Ireland intolerable for Patrick Donohue, the last free landholder in County Wexford. He decides to emigrate to Texas, taking 12-year-old Kevin Dolan along as helper. Milligan relates Kevin's trek from Wexford to Refugio in careful detail, quietly filling in the historical background, yet never letting the details get in the way of his story. The book's plausible characters, varied action, and well-drawn frontier context make it an eminently satisfying work. It's a "Texas story," without question, yet one comes away from it with a better sense of the complexity of human history, and a greater appreciation for the ethnic diversity that constitutes Texas.