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Brand Avoidance, or More on the new not Starbucks, Starbucks
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Check this out, I wrote a blog for Reuthers online on the not Starbucks, Starbucks.  


Maybe some good posts to follow.  I'm in Japan for the next week and plan to look for some of the ways that people here are in engaged in brand avoidance and/or resistance.  Clearly, there is some of this going on in when it comes to bars.  According to the New York Times, there are all kinds of small bars that are harkening back to an older cultural form.  I will see if this holds true for coffee and coffeehouse culture.  More to come I hope.  

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Non brands make us cool snobs nowadays. Cute! I like this.

I've always felt this way about chain restaurants. However, while traveling, I got us into some awful local cafes--one where we were really nervous about our safety--more than one where we were nervous about cleanliness. I still llke local cafes--but more often choose the chain than I used to do in order to be secure in the known product.

Is it cool or uncool to shop at Wal-Mart? I avoid big stores because I get lost in them. But I do use them -- when the
Dollar Store or Salvation Army doesn't have what I need.