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Need some Advice...

I was wondering if anyone out there has any ideas for getting work noticed...

I know that this is a common question from all aspiring writers but I need this info as well.  I have six or seven "poems" posted on my profile and I was wondering what everyone does to generate reader traffic to their profile. 

I write from my mind and heart.  Most of what I write is dark, raw, and unrefined.  I like to keep it this way because it best describes who I am and my mindframe. 

I just posted a poem called "A Sojourners Heartache" as a blog...by mistake.  Not sure how to use this website quie yet.  However, if it generates traffic I guess it is a calculated mistake at best. 

I am eager for input and feedback on my work.  If it is generally crap, let me know.  If it has possibilities, let me know.  I have a tough skin so I can take even the harshest criticism. 

Thanks and I hope you all will look...I go by Darkhallucination, read my bio and you'll know why. 

Thanks, bryan