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San Francisco
Jan 2008

Bryan Costales wrote the very successful "sendmail" (the bat book) for O'Reilly Media, recently published his novel "Jo", and and lives in the sunny South Beach area of San Francisco where he dabbles in photography and earns a living as an email expert.


Books that have influenced my writing include "Bird By Bird" by Anne Lamott, "Writing Well" by William Zinsserand, and "Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft." Authors that have influenced me range from Camus to Melville to Ann Tyler. But by far the most influence on my writing has come from my travels to other countries: Europe, South and Central America.

Upcoming Works

1/3 of the way complete with my second novel, "Deborn"


None yet.

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O'Reilly Media, Smashwords.com, Lulu.com, fictionmagazines.com, scribd.com, microhorror.com

Interests & Hobbies

Photography, Travel, Public Transportation Issues.