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"Memo from Another Planet"

We monitored every thought     examined every move
teleported to your planet undetectable replicas of our being

They pinpointed the weapons stockpiled on orbiting satellites
     and atomized them

It may concern you to know that the precision-guided
munitions and torpedoes aboard every submarine
     and battleship in your oceans
have also been neutralized     like the Swiss Navy

You weren’t able to experience the phenomenon     
     No one on Earth did

It might also enlighten your life forms to learn that we
disintegrated every nuclear warhead you tried to conceal

in subterranean silos     every armed forces tank     surface-
to-air missile     the stealthiest seek-and-destroy vehicles
your leaders and scientists could devise
     were obliterated simultaneously

We accomplished these objectives in less than a femtosecond

Your quantum physicists have yet to discover
     the imperceptible laser employed

Don’t bother to search for the weapons     they have been
reduced to the nothingness of their source
along with all the factories that produced toxic material
We hope you aren’t mortally offended     
     It was failsafe

We regret any inconvenience
and apologize if any boundaries were violated

Please don’t be alarmed if we find it necessary
to transmit you to our planet with telepathy
     It would be painless