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Listed and Demanded


Listed and Demanded


To all government and corporate entities,

Especially those who do business in the inner city,

Herein lies the list of demands

As compiled by the members in good standing of


People in





As it is written, so let it be.

In conjunction with our negotiations,

As per the buried truth that remains a mystery,

We, members of POOR, seek the following

To be delivered immediately

Or as close to it as possible:




Pork sausage


And some kind of ribs.

The rich been living high off the hog

So it's about time that we do, too.


Trade in our Cadillac


Chevy cars

For those made in foreign lands

By those who have foreign hands.

We want something different and classy.

We just not going to pay cash for it.

That just wouldn't be

like right.

Open up more parks and rec centers

in these neighborhoods.

We need more places

to buy drugs

to sell drugs

to do drugs

to sleep off our high.

That way the kids can see

All that we've become

And all that they can be.


We want fair compensation

For the "Blame Game."

And y'all know exactly what we we mean.

You wanna cut welfare

Blame us

You wanna raise taxes

Blame us

You wanna do what you wanna

You've already got the answer

Blame us

If we are the ones you are naming,

If we are the ones you are blaming,

We feel that it is only right

That we be duly


fairly compensated.

Get us a free ride to Disneyland

for every liberator

for his old lady

and their kids, too.


The people of POOR have spoken.

We expect a response

within 48 hours.

 Or, if that don't work,

Get it when you can get it.

Thus saith the

People in





FYI: Please note the bearer of this document, in case things don't turn out as they're supposed to, is fine and okay with things just as they are as long as no charges may stem from this whole fiasco.