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Support for Creative Writing Clinic for Youth

 As a young man who showed interest in writing at an early age, my parents supported my efforts by going so far as to sign me up for college courses in creative writing.  I feel it my duty to share some of what I experienced and learned from that early stage up until now as I continue to write poetry, fiction and creative material.
Currently, I am engaged in getting other individuals to join me in supporting the creative talents of our San Diego youth.  This spring I will host and lead a creative writing workshop for youth in San Diego through Life Path Ministries & Services.  I am providing this workshop for those who can afford as well, but I truly seek to provide a platform for some of our less fortunate youth who may not have a support system or the extra cash for a workshop to help them with writing poetry, songs or plays, even comedic skits or rap lyrics.  I hope to help as many as 50 youth (20 sponsored by Life Path and 30 with your help) for this pilot project, and then expand from there for one-week creative writing clinic in the summer.
Check out the widget below or go to the fundraising linkhttp://www.indiegogo.com/expressyourself2013/x/562685/ 
If you just do not feel that supporting via crowdfunding is for you, you can always download one of my e-books or order a printed book via www.lulu.com/lifepath/ and support us that way.  Also, be sure to share the crowdfunding site with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.  After all, it is about who you know who knows who can help out with your cause on social networks.  
Thank you for whatever you are able to do.  God bless!