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Blasphemies in Blogging

There are some outright no-no moves in blogging.  Many do them and think nothing of them, but dare not to slip upon this slippery slope of ignorance.  You may very well offend and lose some of your potential folowers and subscribers.

  • Don't leave your blog unattended.  Yes, it's out htere.  You just have to keep it alive with updates and posts.  Make it come alive with a short series or topical update.  No, it doesn't have to be long, but it needs to stick as close to your subject or theme as possible.  I recently started a series on the Book of Genesis called "From Eden to Egypt" and it keeps me on a steady study of the biblical book and some other resources to supply the blog throughout the week.
  • Being out of touch can kill your traffic.  Perk interest by dropping in some elements and references to pop culture or popular topics.  If it isn't relevant, why should anyone stop by and read it?  That's a legitimate question.  Don't distance yourself from your audience.  Open things up a bit by touching on popular tweet topics from Twitter or other newsfeeds.  I used Black History Month to start Engraved in Ebony as a tie-in with the Ministry Mechanic blog that had a monthly focus on "E" words related to Entrpreneurship.
  • Linking and overlinking can cause people to either love you or hate you.  If you make a reference to something or someone in your blog post, link to that source's site or blog.  Don't just link to your storefronts and e-commerce without sharing the platform for folks that you use their quotes, stats, and findings.  Look at Life Path's blog and see how we incorporate the Amazon Associates program to link and include images of books, authors and more.

I will provide some other blasphemous blogging errors in future posts.

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Good reminders