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San Diego
Aug 2010

 Speak from the heart and speak to the people.

Married to his wife Danielle and father of Marquest, Mia and Marley Jackson, Rev. Bruce Jackson feels blessed to be a part of a community where change is on the rise in San Diego.  He serves on the board of directors for San Diego Area Congregations for Change (SACC) and the Coalition of Neighborhood Councils (CNC) as part of making a difference in his community as he learned as a servant-leader through the San Diego Freedom School Project.  Writing and poetry have long been a part of how Rev. Bruce Jackson has expressed himself. Rev. Bruce currently serves in multiple ministry capacities at Bayview Baptist Church such as Men's Ministry leader, Bible study teacher for young adults, and participating in other ministries such as Evangelism and NuGeneration. In 2006, God gave him the inspiration to launch Life Path Ministries & Services as a vehicle for putting biblical principles into daily practice As far as his spiritual gifts, he believes that his creativity and administrative blessings blend well with exhortation and prayer. Rev. Bruce has published three books of inspirational poetry and prayers, Reflections of a Believer, Lamentations in the Storm, and Broken Pieces.

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I am highly interested in using my creative and artistic talents to spark the conversation of community.  I believe artists should let their art speak to the hearts of people, to the minds of people and to the very souls of people.