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I am on My Way Part II

I am on my Way
Part II

My trusty steed and I, made quite a lengthy passage, in our stride,
I, however, was only beginning to feel it, I felt it…you know… in my backside.
I began to ease up a bit, on the reins,
I patted him on his sweaty neck, I could feel the blood throbbing in his puffed up veins.
This startled me, and I began to ease up even more,
I also began to consider what lay ahead, that is what was in store.
We were not far from the monastery where the ol’ monk lived and prayed,
I began to sift through things, considering all that he instructed me of, and of what I obeyed.
I also knew that once again, to the chamber of confession, I must return,
For it is there, what exists in my heart, I am truly instructed, it is to be there that I yearn.
You see, the monk merely helps me see what it is that I need to understand,
The time has soon passed by, for up ahead, there atop the hill - was the monastery, oh to see it, it is grand.
My steed came from a trot and stopped as though to provide me a moment to observe it,
I became both anxious and nervous, ouch!…my lip I just bit.
I dismounted and sauntered about for a while, trying to compose myself,
I rummaged through my bag, and retrieved the books to put back upon the library shelf.
I walked with reins in hand up the hill,
And as I made my way, I prayed “oh Lord, I need to do this, …give me the strength of will.”
We reached the top… I came to the door , pulled upon the adjacent rope and rang the bell,
What lay ahead, I could even begin to tell.
I pulled a few more times,
I then heard the monastery’s bells all begin to ring a familiar chime.
It was their call, …a call for them to assemble for mid-day prayers,
Perhaps I will be allowed to wait in his room upstairs.
The porter came, he smiled, bowed and took me in, he then led me, quietly, along the corridor ,
I was in familiar air,
The incense, I smelt everywhere,
I was led into another passage way, and we stopped by his door.
The brother just smiled, turned and walked away,
They don’t speak much, you know, and from this ideal, they seldom stray.
The ol’ monk and I are either in his room, or way outside, when we have a conversation,
Even then, there are, on his part, numerous moments of hesitation.
I looked about the room, nothing much had changed, all was simple,
All things here are for a purpose, and there’s an adjoining and yet separate room, sort of like a temple.
The door soon opened and in strolled the ol monk, with a smile upon his face,
He dipped his hand into the wall font, blessed himself and said grace.
“Ah, my friend ,
I see that you have come again.”
“How are you, and your steed,
Have you been about doing a good deed?”
I smiled, and felt both happy and awkward,
I simply stood there, for within my mouth, I had not a word,
For you see, it was filled with nuts from a bowl upon his table,
I quickly swallowed them… as best as I was able.
“I am indeed well, thank you,
And of these, I have done, perhaps, more than a few.”
“Please come and have a seat, I will pour us a glass of wine,
For I am sure this night, you will stay, and with my fellow brothers and I, you will choose to dine.”
“You know that it’s that time again, and I need to go the chamber.”
He simply responded: “Yes, yes, it is that time again, it is the time to be honest, be still and remember.”
He passed me my drink,
Raised his into the air, smiled and gave me a wink.
We both drank our portion and chatted some more,
It was then noticed I noticed something rumpled on the floor.
“I say, I see that you have something there in a pile”,
The monk looked over, glanced and said: “ah yes, I will deal with that in a little while.”
I wanted to chat a bit about things in general and then on to specifics, you know the chamber and all.
It was as I was about to ask a question, that I heard something out with the hall.

Till we meet again…
Bro. Smith SGS

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