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A Comment on Contemplation citing John. 20:1-10

As we come to a close of another season, let us take a moment to reflect and see which of the two disciples we are.

A preliminary notation:

  • a) When one reads this account, a few things need to be observed, for argument's sake, let us stay with tradition, citing that the "beloved disciple" is John.
  • b) Peter was married, no word on John.

Issue at hand:

Q: Why is it that Peter, of whom it is recorded, is unable to keep up with John?  They were both fishermen by trade, also the male must be at least 25 years of age, to enter into marriage.

Q: This scenario is played out, metaphorically speaking, utilizing an earlier scenario of the sisters Mary and Martha, of which Mary is present at this scene.

Note: What is interesting is that John runs faster, thereby reaching the tomb first.

Q: Why is it that Peter who both initially enters and explores the contents, for it is only then that John enters?

Answer: John Scotus is of the opinion, that Peter, representing faith, is able to venture slow and steady, yet is the first to enter.  This is followed by John, represented as contemplation, which is similarly represented by Mary.

Peter, as faith, is virtue in action, he must see and declare, which is readily what faith does, yet contemplation needs to enter prior to faith, for contemplation ascends where faith leads.

Thus, my spiritual friend, as we come ever closer to a year's end, in which of the two do you see yourself?  Peter or John, or if you like Martha or Mary?

I need no answer, for you must recognize, and either not knowing, (Jn 20:9) as the disciples, or as Mary (Jn 20:11), who remained outside the tomb, yet asked the question?

Q: Yes, indeed Mary is contemplation, just as John...yet why the difference?

Answer: Just a few lines later, she remains to seek, thus He appears to her, though remaining ignorant by vision, yet she cannot deny that voice, which calls unto us.

"For Deep Calls Unto Deep"

My take: The young contemplative, leaves and follows after faith when it is unable to understand, (see Jn 20:9), while a mature contemplative, like a faithful servant, waits at the last location of its master.  Clearly if a dog does this of its owner, shouldn't we do likewise, who are created in His likeness!  You choose which one you are and where you are.


Bro. Smith SGS