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The Moment of....

Hello my spiritual friend, As touched upon last week, this is a moment we readily recall and celebrate, for it shall not happen again. I am also, as perhaps you are, aware of those who become depressed during the holidays, in particular, Christmas time.

 Now for those of you who are under the impression that you have become less fortunate than you, perhaps once were, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid”.—John 14:27 Indeed, it is the easiest thing in the world, in times of difficulty, to let the heart be troubled. It is very natural for us to give up and drift with the stream, to feel that it is of no use, thus you take arms against such a sea of trouble, However, may I point out that the opposing response “If one must be ruined, so let it be,” may also be cause for despair.

Despairing idleness is easy enough, especially to evil, rebellious spirits who are willing to get into further mischief that they may have the means to blame God more, against whose providence they have quarreled. Our Lord will not have us be rebellious. He bids us to pluck up heart and be of good courage in the worst conditions. Here is the wisdom of His advice, namely, that a troubled heart will not help us in our difficulties or out of them. It has never been perceived in time of drought that lamentations have brought showers of rain. Doubtings, fears, and discouragements have never been observed to produce a thaw in seasons of frost. We have never heard of a man with a declining business who managed to multiply the number of his customers by unbelief in God.

 I do not remember reading of a person whose wife or child was sick, who discovered any miraculous healing power in rebellion against the Most High. I assure, you, I do understand the world is within a dark night, but the darkness of your heart will not light a candle for you. It is a terrible thunderstorm, but to quench the fires of comfort and open the doors to admit the howling winds into the chambers of your spirit will not stay the storm.

 Oh my friend, no good comes out of fretful, petulant, unbelieving heart trouble. This lion yields no honey, and if it would help you, you might reasonably sit down and weep until the tears had washed away your woe. If it were really to some practical benefit to be suspicious of God and distrustful of His providence, why then you might have a shadow of excuse You see, a doubting, fretful spirit takes from us the joys we have. I know you may not have all you could wish, but you have still more than you deserve. Your circumstances are not what they might be, but still they are not even now so bad as the circumstances of some others. Your unbelief makes you forget that your health still remains if poverty oppresses you; or that if both health and abundance have departed, you are a child of God, and your name is not blotted out from the roll of the chosen. Observe that there are flowers that bloom in winter, if we have but the grace to see them. Never was there a night of the soul so dark but what some lone star of hope might be discerned, and never a spiritual tempest so tremendous but that there was a haven into which the soul could put if it had but enough confidence in God to head for it.

 Be assured that though you have fallen very low, you might have fallen lower if it were not that underneath are the everlasting arms. A troubled heart makes that which is bad worse. It magnifies, aggravates, caricatures, and misrepresents. If but an ordinary foe is in your way, a troubled heart makes him swell into a giant. May you come to observe what it is that you have, and what you are in true need of. Like Job, the past is gone, and what lies ahead can indeed more bountiful, I assure you, I, too, have experienced those times of bareness, hardship and long endurances. What I now know is what is important.

This day we are more blessed than we can ever be, and surely what lies ahead is far greater than what we possess here and now. Oh how often, we forget that we are eternal, we shall, live on, and in what state and where, is what we should always strive for. Indeed, just as we do in our mortal lives, always striving for better, surely for our eternal state of being, we should prepare for. My spiritual friend, take the time, this moment, and be grateful, observe what lies ahead, and press on in certainty of the greatness which is just ahead.

 Peace, Bro. Smith SGS



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