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The Issue of Dreams Part 1


The Issue of Dreams

Good Day my spiritual friend,

Here, I desire to speak to you regarding hope and dreams' that is to say, a dream can be, to one, as an opiate or an inspiration. To another, it can be the world of make-believe by which the coward escapes reality; or it can be a star lighting up the path of men, leading them on to a revelation of the profoundest meanings of the world even when it stops over a cave.

The again, it may also be the restless, charging aluminum mare on which a person rides over the hordes of things earthly, crashing through the barriers that imprison the world.

It is to be noted that a dream, as either a daydream or a vision, is of no use to such a one whose mind is blind. If one's eyes are so dim that they cannot see the horror around them nor the splendor of the goal, which makes battle a glory, they will not dream.

No, for indeed, one cannot dream.

The stuff of dreams

Nevertheless, in one sense or another, we have always been dreamers because, normally, as I mentioned, we may not be blind. For you see, there has always been a percentage of cowards among us, of men and women who use their dreams to escape reality, but that percentage has always been small, since the human heart is a thing so stout as to dare repeatedly the dangerous business of love. 

Thus, a far greater percentage of souls live on dreams in the sense of visions. This is simply because there has always been a vision before the heart and mind of us humans; how else would our heart and mind reach out, as they do, beyond what is already had, straining to the ultimate grasp of the infinite itself?

Oh my spiritual friend, take the time as we are ever ushered forward towards the goal; make the most of what is before you. Indeed the stuff of dreams is here, what you convey says so much more than words shall ever echo. I am indeed without words for there is nothing more that I could say to you, if what, thus far I have done, has embraced you more.


Bro Smith SGS

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