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The Dignity of Man Part II

   In the early 1400’s, there lived a man named Nicholas of Cuza, who was, among other things, a great mathematician.  In one of his better known work, entitled,  ”Learned Ignorance,”  he attempted to apply math to philosophy and theology.  In one segment, chapter 14, he expounds upon the notion of how ‘maximum’ and ‘minimum’ coincide. Now this is not to be construed as ‘infinite and finite’, for that is another task.  Nor is this a mere exercise in “hermeneutics.” In short, if I can express this easily,  let’s say that for a human to be whole, the maximum, there are to be no missing parts. This is quite often the first words from the delivering mother regarding her new-born child. For anything less would not be whole, i.e maximum.  Thus, if the infant were to have an appendage, missing or an interior component missing them, the newborn would not be complete, or to the maximum. Any more in the way of parts internal or external would cause the infant to be beyond what is the norm or maximum / whole. Anything less would also not be correct, thus would equally be less than minimum. For you see as a human, we are endowed with all that is required for us to be. Anything more, would be beyond the maximum; anything equally less would be below the minimum.  Thus as a human we are both what is the maximum, and the minimum.  There is nothing required to be more, nor nothing less than who and what we are.  Peace, Bro Smith SGS Http://Revelationinsight.tripod.com