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The Coming Attraction


A Mystery

Hello my spiritual friend,

As we continue to be ushered towards the annual renewal of a two thousand year old event, which remains an unequalled occurrence. I would like you to offer a bit of your time and consideration of a few things regarding this mystery.

Within our lives, there are numerous and countless episodes, which could fill volumes upon volumes. Many are either comprised of open and closed cases, which have resolved themselves while others remain active cases.  Then are those which are either open or, at least within our minds, semi-closed; these are known as mysteries.

Now there is nothing  unreasonable about the attractiveness of mystery, however high above reason a particular mystery may be. Rather, behind that attraction is a profound reason, a reason with its roots buried deep in the nature of the heart and mind of man. Our human thirst for knowledge is not to be quenched by eight years of schooling, or by eighteen, by a year's investigation, or a lifetime's. That thirst is for infinite truth and infinite goodness.

Clear knowledge of a thing, or an aspect of it, merely serves as a starting point of a new race for knowledge, the jumping off point for a deeper plunge into truth; it is a mark quickly put behind us as we rush on to new, and equally unsatisfying, goals. Only when we can see an object worthy of the unlimited capacities of our powers do we approach the happiness for which our whole being cries out. Such an object is mysterious.

This is not theorizing. It is a common experience in the hectic life of that very humble purveyor of truth, the lecturer. Let one mount the platform armed with a lecture that bristles with practical problems and immediate applications; the audience will yawn them down.

Now if, on the contrary, their intellectual wanderings touch on such things as the essence of an angel, the intellect of a person, or the foundations of the universe, this same audience will be straining at the leash like a hound eager to be off after the hare; they are impatient for them to end only insofar as they are eager to get into the argument themselves.

My friend, this annual reminder for some, and an opportunity of praxis for others should also stir something within us. I only ask that you provide a moment to reflect on the greatness and wonder of this event, which is ever upon us.

I have no special delectable offertories for you to savor, nor concepts to hang as a suspended mobile above you to ogle. I only have brought what I have just shared... a mystery for you to ponder, experience and....well....!


Bro Smith SGS


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