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Hello there my spiritual friend,

As we pass into, yet another spiritual period, may I offer you something to ponder:

Concerning the faith we have in those of whom we are to manage and those who perhaps us,  is questioned with the shelter of humbleness.

Manage those with hand of obedience, for from obedience, humility as formed and from humility discretion is born.

Instruct your children to praise the virtue of prayer

Always remember, "A little fire is enough to soften wax, and a bit of humiliation, which is offered to us,  taken with patience, is enough, sometimes to soften, sweeten and remove all furiousness, all hardness and all blindness of the heart ."

In this measure, whatever you do, make it count. Ensure that it has a positive impact beyond yourself.

This is because there is a new found love for deeper relationships collectively. This renewed desire permeates all facets of life, regardless of the two objects. There is a resurgence and a need to not only to belong but also to engage themselves, participate and experience the meaning.

The latter part of this equation is the fuel, which propels us all into new adventures seeking that 'right fit'.  Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun, it is just a different time and place for another generation to engage in and for the receding group to rekindle or just have one last kiss.

What are important are the memories, which we tend to cling to and it is the ripple effects, which are the ramifications of the events we helped foster.

Choose one of each carefully, engage methodically, experience passionately and allow them to grow with support and guidance. Do not allow your brainchild to become an orphan and thus the stepchild for another to raise.


Bro. Smith SGS


A new Book :A new Book "The Associated History of Philosophy"

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