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Quest Part III- A Moment in Time


The Quest Part III

A Moment in Time

As I ventured forward, towards my destination,

I paused for a bit, no... not simply a hesitation.

For I saw up and off to the right,

Something was there, just out of my clear view-of-sight.

I carefully dismounted from my trusty steed,

While tying the reins, I reminded myself not to depart, for long, from my indentured deed.

I stopped and ventured towards the cave,

I am an experienced one you know, not a knave!

I felt for my sword, hanging from my left side,

All the while I moved up, keeping a steady stride.

I entered not knowing what was about to come my way,

I thought to myself, what if I stumble across a person, what shall I say?

I quickly dismissed this thought,

I then crept behind a bolder, and rifled though my satchel, feeling around for what I brought.

It was then that I heard it...that is, what was lurking within here,

I hear it coming...moving ever so closely, oh yes..., ever so near!

I gazed into the pool of water, looking for its reflection, listening for its sound or tone,

I could not peek directly, oh no...or I, too, shall turn to stone!

I waited with baited breath, while it too listened and sniffed the air, and then dropped its head, pouting,

I was quiet, dismissing the temptation, not wanting to begin to be doubting.

I leaped up from behind, while thrusting my sword and holding onto my shield,

Quickly my sword found its target, for I felt her begin to yield.

Of this, I tell the truth, for I will not lie,

She knew not, who or what I was, as she gave up her last cry.

With my shield of faith ever before me, I tossed its head into a ready bag,

I could not, as others have, look at the face of the ol' nag.

I have done it, I have slain the Gorgon, with its snakes of hair,

I have survived, I over come the temptation, for you see I am alive,,,I did not stare!

I pondered for a moment, was this one of the seven?

Perhaps the ol' monk was right,... I just might make it to heaven.

Hmmm, is this envy, for, so I heard, her eyes are green,

Perhaps this is why...... I, too, must be getting old, for, from my thoughts, I cannot glean.

I stopped and began to count.. on this venture, this makes three,

Perhaps the ol' brother was right, of the seven deadly ones, I may be free.

I readily reminded myself that I must be off to the chamber of confession, for I have a purpose there,

I told myself, "No, I cannot peer into the bag, and before I go on, I must take a moment for prayer."

Outside, by my trusty steed, I looked around,

There, close by,  I knelt upon a sparsely covered area of ground.

"Oh Lord... I do not know how... nor what words to say,

For You alone know my heart and what I desire to convey.

I have only to express...

Oh Lord...like Augustine...You know....what I need to confess!

For I know not, if I am what am meant to be

I only pray that You shall reveal Your purpose to me.

I know You always hear me, and truly know my heart,

Know , oh Lord, I'm coming to the chambers, and from this venture I shall  not depart."

I mounted my steed and made my way,

This I did, as I was thumbing thru my Jesus beads, I began to once again pray.

Till our spiritual eyes meet again,


Bro Smith SGS